What is Executive and Employee Education?

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Decode the world of executive and employee education with UVA|Northern Virginia.

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What is Executive and Employee Education?

At its core, executive and employee education, sometimes referred to as Exec-Ed or EELL (Executive Education and Lifelong Learning), is exactly what it sounds like: education for executives or employees at any level to enhance their professional skills. 

These programs are typically offered by universities or specialized executive education providers, and they often categorize their work into distinct offerings. A common way to split up this work is by audience – aka programs for individuals and programs for organizations. Let’s dive into these two areas. 

Programs for Organizations

Organizations have long understood that the best investments are human capital – their employees. Learning and development professionals at organizations across the country work tirelessly to provide the best training and professional development for their employees. 

That’s where UVA|Northern Virginia comes in. We call these programs for organizations custom programs. Our team can work with your organization to understand your learning and development needs, build a custom learning experience taught by UVA faculty across our 12 schools, execute the program, and assess the experience to ensure we meet your desired outcomes.  

Examples of UVA|Northern Virginia custom programs include: 

Emerging Leaders Academy

Leading with Data and Analytics Summit

Programs for Individuals

At UVA|Northern Virginia, we call programs for individuals open enrollment programs. These programs were designed by market researchers, UVA faculty, subject-matter experts, and business development leaders. 

Examples of UVA|Northern Virginia open enrollment programs include:

Customer Experience Leadership Institute

ELEVATE: Women’s Professional Development Program 

Why is Executive and Employee Education Important?

We live in a fast-paced, demanding world. Putting your life on pause to pursue advanced education feels unattainable for many, even for professionally curious lifelong learners. Executive and Employee Education is designed to bring advanced education to you – to meet you where you are. 

At the organization level, professionals widely agree that the status-quo of professional learning and development is ineffective. At UVA|Northern Virginia, we believe that the expertise of UVA faculty across our 12 schools can provide a more dynamic and innovative learning experience to organizations. 

At the individual level, an executive or employee education program is the perfect addition to a resume to help you grow as a professional . In our constantly evolving world, executive education programs can help you stay ahead of the curve and on top of industry trends.

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