McIntire Business Institute

Embark on a transformative learning journey—see the world in a new way through business.
Jun 17 - Jun 28
Anna Fairs

About the program

In just two weeks you’ll gain a new mindset you can use anywhere life takes you. Learn business fundamentals to elevate your problem-solving skills, to grow and strengthen your ideas, and even to launch your own startup.

Working on a project of your choosing, you’ll gain important skills in strategy, marketing, accounting, and finance as you develop the broad mindset that will give you the power to accomplish important things on your own and with a team. Great for students preparing to apply to college, curious about the world of business, and interested in knowing what makes great companies thrive and energizes the best teams to accomplish big goals. The McIntire Business Institute will give you a new perspective to pursue pathways in business and beyond.

This is an in-person course that meets daily in Fairfax, 9am – 4pm EST. Tuition cover materials, meals (breakfast/lunch/snacks), and transportation to any offsite excursions.

Meet the Instructor

Get to know Instructor and McIntire faculty, Eric K. Martin, here.

Skills you will learn

  • Understand key concepts in strategy, marketing, accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship
  • Think strategically to solve complex challenges
  • Create, share, and execute ideas with a team
  • Build and deliver successful presentations
  • Use feedback to achieve better outcomes

Please note: All information is subject to change at the discretion of UVA Northern Virginia.