Instructor Yusi Yao on Inspire Summer 2024 Introduction to Programming: Python

Samantha Abrishami headshot Samantha Abrishami,  
4 weeks ago

In an increasingly technological world, programming skills are increasingly valuable. Yusi Yao speaks about his experience in programming, the plethora of skills that students will learn in his class, and his favorite personal project to date. 

Q: Tell us about your journey into the world of programming and how you developed your expertise in the field?

A: Embarking on my journey into the world of programming, my curiosity about technology and the desire to create have been my guiding forces. Throughout my academic tenure at the College of the Holy Cross, majoring in computer science with a minor in physics & statistics, I navigated a diverse range of courses, from computer networks to artificial intelligence. This academic foundation, coupled with practical experiences such as my role as a python engineer for the Crypto-Modality project, has contributed significantly to my expertise. Through continuous learning, research endeavors, and real-world projects, I have cultivated a well-rounded skill set.

Q: What knowledge and skills can students expect to learn in Intro to Programming: Python this summer?

A: Students can anticipate acquiring a robust foundation in programming concepts and python language essentials. My diverse coursework, including probability, data structures, and artificial intelligence, positions me to guide students through these fundamental principles. The course will offer hands-on experience through coding exercises and projects, fostering problem-solving skills crucial for future exploration in the field.

Q: Do students need a background in programming to be successful in this class?

A: Success in the class doesn’t hinge on prior programming experience. The course is thoughtfully designed to accommodate students with varied backgrounds. Enthusiasm, dedication, and a readiness to learn are the key prerequisites, and I am committed to providing guidance to students from diverse educational paths.

Q: What advice do you have for students interested in taking Introduction to Programming: Python this summer?

A: My advice is to approach the course with an open mind and a genuine eagerness to embrace the learning process. I encourage active engagement with python basics, collaborative coding exploration, and proactive interaction with peers. The course aims to be accessible and enjoyable for all, and my multifaceted background positions me to offer valuable insights into the practical applications of programming concepts.

Q: What is your favorite programming project you’ve ever worked on?

A: My favorite programming project to date has been the development of my personal portfolio website. Building this virtual representation of my skills and experiences was akin to curating a professional narrative. Leveraging languages like python and tools such as Unity and AWS, I sought to create a platform that seamlessly blended aesthetic appeal with functional elements. 

Join Yusi this summer. Introduction to Programming: Python is a two-week, in-person class for rising 10th-12th graders offered June 17-28 or July 8-19. Learn more about the course and apply today! Financial aid is available.