Introduction to Programming: Python

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Jun 17 - Jun 28
Anna Fairs

About the program

Want to learn programming? You’re in the right place. We could tell you about the demand for computer science jobs, or how the prevalence of technology means that nearly everyone ends up working in proximity of some software and can benefit from understanding a little about it. And that would all be true. But we hope you may also find how satisfying it is to turn a messy problem into simple steps, how empowering it is to have computing power at your fingertips, and even how you can use your programming skills to express yourself creatively.

In this course we will spend 2 weeks covering topics that will give you a basic understanding of Python – one of the best starter languages. We will go over conditionals, for loop, bits, simple algorithms, and more! At the end of the course you will get to create a project on your own that you can build on after class and continue to improve as your knowledge and love of Python grows.

This is an in-person course that meets daily in Fairfax, 9am – 4pm EST. Tuition cover materials, meals (breakfast/lunch/snacks), and transportation to any offsite excursions.

Meet the Instructor

Get to know Instructor Yusi Yao here.

Skills you will learn

  • Know how to decompose a complex task into instructions a computer can understand
  • Read and understand code in Python
  • Write your own Python programs
  • Debug a program to locate and correct errors
  • Express creativity in problem solving and project building

Out of the classroom

  • Visit a Tech start up to learn what the tech industry is really like
  • Present your project to a panel of experts

Please note: All information is subject to change at the discretion of UVA Northern Virginia.