Inside the Charlottesville Symphony with Fourth-Year Student, Maggie Weber

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The Symphony represents an opportunity to play at an elite level, but it also serves as a community united by a shared love for music.

The Charlottesville Symphony stands as a testament to the power of music that unites communities and inspires individuals. Composed of a blend of talented students and passionate community members, the Symphony thrives under talented musicians like Maggie Weber, a fourth-year biomedical engineering student from Chesapeake, Virginia. 

Maggie Weber outside of Rotunda
Maggie Weber, fourth-year biomedical engineering student from Chesapeake, Virginia

Maggie’s journey with the cello began in fifth grade, igniting a passion that would shape her life. She began to take private lessons in seventh grade and was part of a youth strings orchestra by the eighth. Enrolled in a high school that specialized in arts, Maggie advanced from her youth orchestra to a full orchestra. Her love for music played an important part in deciding which university to attend, as she wanted to continue to perform at a high level. 

In a recent conversation with UVA | Northern Virginia, Maggie shared insights into her musical journey and the enriching experiences she’s found with the Charlottesville Symphony. For her, the Symphony represents an opportunity to play at an elite level, but it also serves as a community united by a shared love for music. Maggie emphasizes the sense of belonging and camaraderie within the cello section, making each rehearsal a cherished part of her week. 

Happy Birthday, Maggie

Reflecting on her most memorable performance, Maggie recounts one special holiday concert coinciding with her twenty-first birthday. As the Symphony and University Singers joined together for a festive celebration. Maggie’s family gathered in Charlottesville to witness the magic of the Symphony. She recounts that during the Twelve Days of Christmas, two representatives from The University Singers passed a microphone through the crowd to have them sing the “five gold rings” line. The University Singers manager gave the cello section the opportunity to sing this line. This lighthearted moment is etched as one of Maggie’s favorite moments with the Symphony as she got to celebrate her birthday with the Symphony and “reassure the cellists that we should stick to instrumental music”. 

A photograph of the Charlottesville Symphony Cello Section (Provided by Maggie Weber)
The Charlottesville Symphony Cello Section (Provided by Maggie Weber)

When asked about the impact and importance of the Symphony on her personal and musical growth and development, Maggie states that the Charlottesville Symphony has allowed her musical technique to grow and provides an outlet for emotional expression and creativity. Moreover, the Symphony fosters an environment that encourages teamwork and listening skills “as both are necessary for creating proper balance in orchestral work”. 

Traveling North

As Maggie and her fellow musicians prepare to head to the Capital One Hall stage in Northern Virginia, the Charlottesville Symphony invites all to join them on Sunday, April 28th. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a newcomer to the world of orchestral music, this is an event you should not miss. Come witness the talent and passion that upholds the Charlottesville Symphony.

Looking ahead to the upcoming performance in April, Maggie eagerly anticipates the variety of music of the performance and is excited to share music with the Northern Virginia community. Maggie reassures us that the performance will offer enough variety that every music lover in Northern Virginia will hear something that they love. 

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