Advance Your Nursing Career: Explore Virginia’s RN to BSN Program

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6 months ago

A program as strong as the bonds you make. Earn your BSN on your terms.

In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, nurses are the backbone of patient care. Their dedication to learning and growth is paramount. They are not only healthcare professionals, but crucial pillars of support and advocacy for those they serve.
Advancing your nursing career through further education enriches your knowledge and skills, but also paves the way for exciting career opportunities. For current registered nurses (RNs) seeking to take that next step, the University of Virginia’s RN to BSN program stands as a beacon of opportunity.

This innovative program was designed with the unique needs of working professionals in mind. It provides in-person experiences and simulations for hands-on experience while offering online instruction for peak flexibility. The RN to BSN program recognizes the importance of accommodating the busy lives of working professionals while delivering a comprehensive education.

Why should you choose UVA’s RN to BSN program?

The University of Virginia School of Nursing’s RN to BSN program is a two-year, part-time, hybrid program for licensed RNs. It is a transformative journey designed for those with a passion for nursing and a commitment to excellence. The majority of the coursework is accessible online, allowing you to tailor your own learning around your life.

To ensure a well-rounded experience, students meet once a month in a small, in-person class in either Fairfax, Charlottesville, or Richmond. The balance of online and in-person components creates an ideal environment for working RNs without having to put your career on hold.

Graduates from the RN to BSN program have ventured into diverse and esteemed healthcare institutions. Among these, many have found themselves contributing to Inova Health System, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and even their very own UVA Health community. 

Yasaman “Yasi” Khadem, is a Johns Hopkins Hospital ICU nurse and a current student in UVA’s RN to BSN program in Northern Virginia. When talking about the people behind the program, Khadem explains the close-knit community that the program has driven. Yasi states, “The class sizes are small and your professor and classmates actually get to know you.” 

Yasi and her fellow grad nurses in her unit, who all went through ICU Orientation at the same time.

Another future 2024 graduate from this program is Francis Atangan, a full-time licensed practical nurse at INOVA’s emergency room. When asked how UVA’s RN to BSN program is different from other programs, Atangan shares, “It’s convenient and the pace is right. It’s perfect for someone who is working full-time.”

Francis Atangan, full-time licensed practical nurse and future graduate of UVA’s RN to BSN Program.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a transformative journey that holds numerous benefits for registered nurses (RNs) who are seeking to advance in their career. It equips students with a deeper understanding of nursing theory and practice, enhancing both clinical and critical thinking skills.

As healthcare systems increasingly prioritize BSN-educated nurses, having this degree can lead to a wider range of job opportunities and career advancement. BSN-educated nurses often find themselves in leadership roles, contributing to decision making processes, policy development, and shaping the future of healthcare delivery. 

University of Virginia nursing students during a live demonstration.

Now is the time to take that crucial step in your nursing career. In this program, you are not just investing in your future – you are investing in the health and well-being of the patients and communities you’ll serve.

Ready to take the leap? Apply now before the March 1st deadline and be on your way to advancing your nursing career. For more details about the program and application process, visit

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